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Letters from Friends/ Family of True Marriage...

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Topic: Letters from Friends/ Family of True Marriage...
Posted By: foxyone1986
Subject: Letters from Friends/ Family of True Marriage...
Date Posted: 10 Dec 2011 at 10:48am
Basically im still working on sponcering my husband for a visa so him and i can go there to live. However i guess its best to supply as much proof as possible. I want to get my friends and family to write declaration letters stating that our marriage is valid and based on love, etc, etc. but i am not sure how to do it... Everyone is asking me for an example... i wrote one kind of so they could write and choose which ever words are valid for them...
Here is what i made up dont know how well it is:

To whom it may concern;


I, NAME, am NAME RELATION (Brother, Sister, Friend, Coworker, Etc.) and have known him for XX years. I am writing this letter to attest to the validity of the Marriage between NAME and NAME. I have been a witness to their relationship since they (Dated, were engaged, Got Married, While they were married) and they are truly in love and have no deviant reasons for their marriage other than them wanting to spend their lives together.


Not only have they joined in celebrating (Religious holidays, birthdays, weddings, anniversary’s, family activities, etc.), I attended their (engagement, Marriage, Baby Shower, Etc.) They are a happy and loving couple and I was over joyed to hear the announcement that they are currently expecting their first child on August 7th 2012.


I, NAME, declare that all statements made in this document are true and swear to its legality.



(Signature)                                        Date


Contact number



Posted By: Harmonia
Date Posted: 13 Dec 2011 at 10:02am
Interesting concept - and it made me think 'hmmm - which is better, personal letters or forms?'
I honestly can't say which is more legit in the eyes of CIC -- A series of legal-ish "forms" signed by friends and family OR a set of individual letters created by each person willing to attest to the legitimacy of your relationship. 
Maybe there's no difference at all in the eyes of CIC.  Personally, I would put more weight on the individual letters.  Having a legal-ish style of forms seems like something you created, and handed to your friends to have them sign.  (in other words, it could look like you have told them what to say). 
Having genuine home-grown letters has a much more personal feel to it.  On top of that, you might enjoy reading what they wrote about you and your partner, and gain some insight as to what it is in your relationship that they see as being special.
Again - that's just my *personl* opinion.  Not advice -- because I really have no idea what's best in the eyes of CIC.  My gut tells me individual, home-grown attestations carry a weight of their own.

Posted By: mfeq
Date Posted: 13 Dec 2011 at 4:49pm
I asked a few select family and friends who had the time and capabilities of providing me with well-thought out letters.  I requested that they indicate their relationship to me, how long they have known me, how, when and where they met my spouse and their general observation of the progression of my relationship with my spouse whom I sponsored as my common law partner at that time.

Posted By: foxyone1986
Date Posted: 15 Dec 2011 at 5:47am
the problem im facing is that no one seems to have time to sit down and write a letter  and most of his family does not speak very much english as they are arabic... not only that friends are confused as to what to write, how long it should be, and how much detail is required about the relationship the their knowledge... i wish some could give me guide lines as to what they must write/ include in the letters...

Posted By: Ben45
Date Posted: 15 Dec 2011 at 8:53am
I think if you really have enough proof to show that your relation is genuine you dont need to worry about letters from friends, unless if you are not sure of your relatioship and the evendence at hand. Not all applicants send those letters and do have their applications in process

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First stage Approval 17 Nov 11
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Posted By: scylla
Date Posted: 15 Dec 2011 at 9:01am
I would drop the following bit:

and have no deviant reasons for their marriage other than them wanting to spend their lives together.

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Posted By: mfeq
Date Posted: 15 Dec 2011 at 9:10am

Out of six siblings, I asked my 2 sisters and my mother.  From friends, I asked 2 friends and my boss.  No letters were provided from my husband's side since none of them lived in Canada nor had I met any of them but had very limited telephone interaction with them since none of them spoke English.  The guide I provided to the six people who wrote the letters were based on my personal relationship with them.  My two sisters for instance, one was older and she wrote that she has never seen me as happy and that my husband attended to me from driving me to her house to my husband helping her pack when she moved.  My younger sister wrote that she was the first one to meet my husband and that she immediately liked him.  She also wrote that my husband and I spent a lot of weekend sleepovers at their house and she came to observe that my husband was very attentive to me and that my husband got along with all my nieces and nephews who were all below the age of 10 at that time.  I made sure that my husband and I had pictures with all my nieces and nephews included in the application to back up that statement.  My mother wrote that she approves of my husband and eventually won her over and developed to trust my husband having good intentions and truly loving me.  As for my friends, they wrote how I was one person difficult to fall in love with anybody because I was very picky and particular but observed in the way I interacted with my husband and the way I am when I told them stories about my husband that no woman truly loved by a man would be displaying such happiness as I did.  As for my boss, she wrote how I took time off from work in order to attend to certain matters regarding our immigration process and that I came in to work everyday looking and sounding the happiest I have ever been since I met my husband. 

If you need to write the letters yourself, give each letter individual tones and not as others had noted, "form" like letters.  None of the letters I provided were more than a page long.  I asked that they go straight to the point of establishing their relationship with me, how they met my husband and they each closed their letters stating that they support my application sponsoring my husband and that they are willing to be intereviewed if need be to vouch for me and my husband.  Also, I had them all state their employment details such as their position, years of employment with their current employers at the top fo the letter. 
With my application, I made sure that each of these individuals had pictures with me and my husband, especially for special occasions and always with their spouses and children in all the pictures.  I also included in my application copies of birthday cards for my husband from my family and friends and Christmas cards addressed to me and my husband.  I had asked all of them to make sure that they gave me and my husband cards for these celebrations. 
I hope I have given you enough information.  Good luck.

Posted By: Ben45
Date Posted: 15 Dec 2011 at 11:48am
Keep in mind that more of those letters may make you guys look suspious, I would get few letter but not exgerating otherwise remember that CIC is very picky and suspiouse these days. Get like two or 3 letters will be perfectly fine because with CIC sometimes what works for some people do not work for other

Application in Mississauga 09 Sept 11
First stage Approval 17 Nov 11
Transfered 2 Dakar 17 Nov 11
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Posted By: hbwpg
Date Posted: 17 Dec 2011 at 10:50am
We used letters from our family as well. My father wrote a letter, as well as my husband's mother and sister.

That's all we used and we didn't tell them what to write other than to express how our marriage is genuine. We felt a few from very close family, that were clearly written by them and had a personal touch was the best way to go. His mother's was handwritten, and my father's and his sister's were typed and signed then mailed to us.

They all provided a sort of background on us individually (his family on him, my father on me) and then spoke about our relationship together. Truthfully, they were pretty funny, since we got to see ourselves in their eyes. We laughed at his sister's, which all but said he was a miserable lout before he met me (which isn't necessarily true).

We also used scanned wedding cards we received, as well as holiday cards, which we felt were helpful, for personal touches and vouches for our relationship.

At our second wedding (we were legally married in Las Vegas, which is where he's from, but had an actual wedding with a reception in Canada in June 2010) we used a Polaroid camera and asked guests to take photos of themselves and write messages for us in lieu of a guestbook, so we included scanned copies of those also.

All those personal touches will help, but I would really stay away from a form letter. Ask them to just write how they feel about you as a couple.

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