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Refugee Claim to Spousal Sponsorship

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Forum Name: Family Class Sponsorship
Forum Description: A review of current sponsorship programs (permanent residence) promoting the reunion in Canada of close relatives from abroad.
Printed Date: 25 Jul 2021 at 9:59am

Topic: Refugee Claim to Spousal Sponsorship
Posted By: harrmx
Subject: Refugee Claim to Spousal Sponsorship
Date Posted: 28 Oct 2019 at 3:16am

1. I have a Refugee Claimant status in Canada
  • applied in February 2019, 8 months ago

  • court hearing is in 2 months, January 2020
2. My refugee claim will most likely be rejected because:
  • I do not have proper (in fact, any) evidence supporting the claims I made on the application

  • I have a French passport (father’s nationality) and Philippine passport (mother’s nationality)

  • I am facing some life threatening dangers in the Philippines, but not France
3. I am married to a PR in Canada since March 2019, 7 months ago
  • we do not have any proof of us dating back in 2017 as we both got new phones, phone numbers, everything was deleted/lost

  • we have proof only starting from November 2018, 11 months ago, 4 months before marriage, 3 months before I filed refugee application (photos, marriage photos, bills, rental leases, joint bank accounts, hospital photos, etc.)

  • we do not have many friends who could write a letter confirming that our marriage is genuine, maybe 2-3

  • we do not have a child, not planning to have one

  • we love each other very much and our marriage is completely and undoubtedly honesty
4. My wife and I are thinking of proceeding with the inland spousal sponsorship right now as we doubt the refugee claim will be accepted
  • the reason I applied for refugee claim first instead of spousal sponsorship is because my wife and I did not have the funds to pay for the application form and other fees

  • financial situation has improved finally and we are able to pay
  1. Does my spousal sponsorship have a chance of being accepted as the lawyer I consulted with says the timeline of marriage and filing refugee claim seems suspicious?

  2. Is it possible to have 2 applications at the same time (refugee and spousal)?

  3. If my refugee claim will be rejected after court hearing, in 2 months, will I be able to appeal and buy myself some time while my inland spousal sponsorship is in process? Will I be able to stay in Canada while waiting for a response for spousal sponsorship?

Please let me know what you guys think. Your advice will be very very appreciated and valued!
Thank you guys!

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