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Visitor Visa - Not 6 Months

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Topic: Visitor Visa - Not 6 Months
Posted By: cygnus2112
Subject: Visitor Visa - Not 6 Months
Date Posted: 10 Dec 2009 at 9:36am
My friend ran into one of the most bitchiest immigration officers yesterday while flying up to visit me here in Canada. He's going through a lot of personal issues at home in the States. He's an old friend and we were roommates for a few years from way back. I told him to come up, chill out for 6 months and then things will probably have calmed down.

The immigration officer grilled him for a few hours as to his reasons for coming up. She gave him a V-1, but set the expiration as 2 months and set that he must leave by February 8th.

Can anything be done to relax this limit? Is there someone we can appeal to, or try a weekend visit to New York and possibly reset the visitor visa at the border crossing? 

Posted By: job_seeker
Date Posted: 10 Dec 2009 at 9:58am
Sadly there are no appeals for being granted a two-month visit. Your friend can send an application to extend his stay before Feb 8 to CPC-V. He may not get the approval but will give him more time to stay in Canada (he'd be on implied status) until he received a decision. Extension requests takes 95 days on the average to finish processing. So he's been here almost, almost the desired months of stay.

Posted By: canvis2006
Date Posted: 13 Dec 2009 at 12:39am
damn, i thought canadian immigration was nicer, specially to americans...

Posted By: tgchi13
Date Posted: 13 Dec 2009 at 12:43am
No, Americans are not given preferential treatment.

tgchi ~
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