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Student Visa extention Dilemma

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Topic: Student Visa extention Dilemma
Posted By: StudentChris
Subject: Student Visa extention Dilemma
Date Posted: 08 May 2010 at 10:07pm
Hello, I'm on a study permit and in a dilemma and would really appreciate your opinions on this situation. 

I came into Canada (Ontario) around 7 years ago to get an education, I finished high school, renewed my Visa and then went on to university... for some reason I got depressed and could not adapt very well at University, and failed all of my courses, and dropped a lot of them, so as a result I got even more depressed and dropped out of university. The depression became worse and I was disabled (I could not learn the way I used to, and got very anxious at the thought of going to university).  At this time I could not do much, but I had a hobby of building and maintaining websites, and those websites were earning some income that I could support myself.

Where I'm from depression is looked down on, and people think it is as simple as just snapping out of it. Unfortunately I had the same attitude and waited for 2.5 years to snap out of it. I smartened up and I'm currently seeing a psychologist.  And I am getting better and now I'm hungry for my education. I'm going to apply to community college in Toronto
My question is – I have been out of university for 2.5 years, failed all my courses, dropped courses. And my visa is expiring during November. So I if get accepted into a college, and I have the funds, will they renew my application? I'm very uncertain because I have been out for 2.5 going years and I failed big time – So my transcripts are not pretty.

I have also renewed my visa two times with success before under these kind of circumstances, just out of school for shorter periods (6 month - 9 months) and I've always recovered. But I don't know if there will be a third time.

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