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PR Travel Document

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Topic: PR Travel Document
Posted By: tiebreaker
Subject: PR Travel Document
Date Posted: 24 Apr 2016 at 1:18am
Hello Everyone, 

Hope everyone is doing well. I've recently come across this thread and I am hoping you could help me out. 

Here's a quick rundown of our situation. 
I am PR citizen, my wife is a Canadian citizen. We were traveling to Canada,  when I lost my PR card at our transitioning airport. Had a police report made then and there and was allowed to enter Canada. Since my PR card was close to expiry (this August), I simply applied for a renewal based on the grounds that my wife was accompanying me the entire time I was away from Canada.  

We applied on urgent basis since I had to travel within three weeks. PR card was approved just before we left, however I have now received notification that I am required to pick up my PR card at a local CIC office. 

My questions are:
1. How do I enter Canada without my PR Card (Im from a visa-exempt country) ? 
2. If I apply for a PR travel document, is there a chance to get refused and then have it adversely affect my approved application? 

3. On what basis should I apply for a PR travel document? 
    a. Should I state that I have lost my PR card, show them just the police report, and request the travel         document purely on the basis of that ? 
    b. Show police report, tell them I have applied for a new one and had to travel before I heard back               from them and now need to go back to Canada?
    c. Disclose everything including showing them the letter for the interview that I have received (and             the approved PR status)

Side reference: I am a self-employed consultant in Canada and have been a diligent tax payer. 

Any help in this would be greatly appreciated, my friends. 

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