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Parents Sponsorship 2011 - Addl. Documents Reqst

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Forum Description: A review of current sponsorship programs (permanent residence) promoting the reunion in Canada of close relatives from abroad.
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Topic: Parents Sponsorship 2011 - Addl. Documents Reqst
Posted By: Corrie123
Subject: Parents Sponsorship 2011 - Addl. Documents Reqst
Date Posted: 03 Mar 2015 at 10:03pm

Anybody on this forum, who applied to sponsor their parents in 2010 or 2011, will be kind enough to post the sample letter or document checklist, they received from CIC, for submitting additional documents within 90 days. I am just curious what documents are requested in that "doc request letter with 90 days"?

Another question: Does CIC routinely ask again for option C, notice of assessments etc. from year sponsor applied to Current year to check that sponsor is still meeting LICO?


Posted By: TEl
Date Posted: 08 Mar 2015 at 12:49pm


Parent(s) or grandparent(s) sponsorship

CPC-CTD-Ottawa <[email protected]>




CPC Mississauga
P.O. Box 6100, Station A
Mississauga, ON
L5A 4H4




This letter is in reference to your application to sponsor your parent(s) or grandparent(s).  We are now ready to begin processing your sponsorship application and require additional information.

This letter has been system generated and has been sent to the most recent address available for your file.  This means that if you have authorized a representative to act on your behalf or if you have changed your mailing address without notifying Citizenship and Immigration Canada, this letter may not have been sent to the correct mailing address.

Please submit all forms and documents listed in the attached document checklist.  Only complete applications, consisting of all forms and documents on the checklist, will be considered for processing. Complete applications will be processed in the order in which they are received at the Case Processing Centre - Mississauga (CPC-M).

The principal applicant noted in the original sponsorship application is:
This is the principal applicant that should be noted on the Generic Application Form for Canada (IMM 0008).

A copy of this letter and the complete application must be submitted within 90 days of the date of this letter to: 
CPC Mississauga
P.O. Box 6100, Station A
Mississauga, ON
L5A 4H4

You may obtain the forms listed in the attached checklist on our Web site at:" rel="nofollow -

If after 90 days, we have not received the complete application, we will conclude that your parent(s)/grandparent(s) is no longer interested in immigrating to Canada.  Your sponsorship application will then be closed. If you have already submitted the fee for the application for permanent residence for your parent(s)/grandparent(s), it will be refunded.

Contacting our Office
You must contact CPC-Mississauga if you wish to:

·         withdraw your sponsorship application;
·         inform us of a change in personal circumstances in your family, such as a birth or adoption of a child, a marriage, a divorce or a death;
·         pay additional fees, including the Right of Permanent Residence fee;
·         request a refund of fees related to your existing/previous sponsorship application;
·         appoint or change your immigration representative(s).

If one of the situations listed above applies, you may contact CPC-M via the address above or through our Web site at:" rel="nofollow - Police Certificates
We strongly recommend that your parent(s)/grandparent(s) take steps now to obtain their police certificates to avoid future delays. They must obtain an original police certificate from each country or territory where they have lived for six consecutive months or longer since reaching the age of 18. It is their responsibility to contact the police or relevant authorities and in many countries this process takes time.  Instructions and information on obtaining a police certificate from any country can be found on our Web site at" rel="nofollow - .

Once obtained, the police certificates can either be sent with the complete application or when the visa office requests them. Do not send police certificates separately from the application or they will be returned.

Right of Permanent Residence Fee
We strongly recommend that you pay and submit proof of payment of the Right of Permanent Residence Fee with the complete application. By doing so, it will reduce the processing time of the application. For further information on how to make a payment, please visit the Pay the Fee section in our instruction guide:" rel="nofollow - .

Mode of communication
A valid email address should be included on the application for permanent residence for your parent or grandparent.  CIC will communicate using this e-mail address. Should communication with our office be possible only by regular mail, this should be indicated in a cover letter accompanying the application.  All contact with our office should be via the same communication method, unless otherwise instructed.

Current Status in Canada
Please note that if your parent(s)/grandparent(s) are currently in Canada on a super visa, their status in Canada is not affected by submitting this application for permanent residence.

It is the responsibility of your parent(s)/grandparent(s) to maintain legal temporary resident status while in Canada. For further information, please visit Extend your stay in Canada at:" rel="nofollow - .



Enclosure: Document Checklist UPDATED


You need to mail this form and listed documents with your application. Please make sure you include this document as the cover page.

Gather your documents in the order of the checklist and check each item. Attach small items such as photos with a paper clip, otherwise leave documents unbound. Place all documents in a sealed envelope. If your documents are not in English or French, they must be accompanied by the English or French translation completed by a certified translator and a copy of the original document. Do not send any documents other than those requested in this checklist when submitting your application to the Case Processing Centre in Mississauga.

Note: If your application lacks any of the documents listed in this checklist, it will be returned to you. If you are unable to provide any of the requested documentation, please include with your application a written explanation with full details as to why that documentation is unavailable and any documentation that would support your claim. Failure to provide supporting documents may result in the refusal of your application.

Once a complete application is received, none of the documents (copies or originals) you submitted will be returned to you during or after processing.  When copies are requested please do not send originals as they will not be returned.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Answer all questions and sign all forms where applicable. Please note that by signing these documents, you are certifying that all information provided therein, whether prepared by you or not, is complete and true in all respects.

If you or someone acting on your behalf directly or indirectly submits false documents or misrepresents facts relating to your application for a permanent resident visa:
your application may be refused; and
you and your family members could become inadmissible to Canada for two years under section 40(2) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

If your family circumstances (e.g. marriage or common-law union, divorce, annulment, legal separation, birth, adoption, death, etc.), contact information or representative information has changed since the initial application for sponsorship was submitted, include this information with relevant supporting documentation in this application.

The officer will base his/her decision on the documents on file at the time your application is assessed. If anything changes with regard to this application once it has been submitted, please consult" rel="nofollow - to determine how to notify CIC of the change.

If you do not notify CIC of these changes, there will be processing delays and it could result in the refusal of your application or the exclusion of a family member.

Citoyenneté et Immigration Canada
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
This form is made available by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and is not to be sold to applicants.

Documents submitted will not be returned.

You must keep a copy of the completed forms and all documents for yourself before sending your application to CPC-Mississauga.



For the Sponsor


Option C Printout
Submit an original Option C Printout for the tax year that you submitted the original sponsorship application AND an original Option C Printout for the year before you submitted the application.  The Option C Printout is required for both tax years.

The Option C Printout is different from your notice of assessment and is available to you upon request by calling Canada Revenue Agency at http://1-800-959-8281/" rel="nofollow - - .  There is no charge to obtain copies of the Option C Printout.



For the Principal Applicant
Forms and supporting documents (to be completed and submitted by all applicants).
See the "Applying as a member of the Family Class" to download current forms and for instructions on completing the forms and gathering the required supporting documents (" rel="nofollow - ).

Note: Do not complete the Visa Office Specific Instructions. Documents must be submitted in the order of this checklist.


Generic Application Form to Canada (IMM 0008)
Each application package must contain only one completed, dated and signed 2D barcoded
IMM 0008. Please complete and validate this form online.

All dependants previously listed on the original sponsorship application must be listed on the
IMM 0008.  If you no longer wish to include them in your application, please provide a written explanation why and include it with your submission.

For instructions on completing  this form, please refer to:" rel="nofollow -




Additional Dependants/Declaration (IMM 0008DEP) (if applicable)
If the applicant has more than five dependants (whether they are accompanying or not), then the principal applicant must complete, date and sign this form.

For instructions on completing  this form, please refer to:" rel="nofollow -




Schedule A: Background Declaration (IMM 5669)
A separate form must be completed, dated and signed by:
• the principal applicant, and,
• spouse or common-law partner (whether they are accompanying or not) and,
• each dependent child over the age of 18 years (whether they are accompanying or not).

Provide the details of your personal history since the age of 18, or the past 10 years, whichever comes first, in chronological order. Do not leave any sections blank or gaps in time. You must write "n/a" in any sections that are not applicable to your situation. Include all:
• jobs,
• periods of unemployment,
• study,
• vacations, or
• being a homemaker.

Do not use abbreviations. Do not use general words such as "employee", "working", or “manager." Specify your activity such as retail salesperson, architect, financial manager, etc.

For instructions on completing this form, please refer to:" rel="nofollow - Note: If this section is not accurately completed, it will cause delays in the processing of your application.




Additional Family Information (IMM 5406)
A separate form must be completed, dated and signed by:
• the principal applicant; and
• spouse or common-law partner (whether they are accompanying or not); and
• each dependent child over the age of 18 years (whether they are accompanying or not).

For instructions on completing this form, please refer to:" rel="nofollow -




Use of a representative (IMM 5476)
Complete, date, sign and include this form in your application if you have a paid or unpaid representative.

For instructions on completing this form, please refer to:" rel="nofollow -




Travel documents and passports
Passports or travel documents for you, your spouse or common-law partner and your dependent children. Include only copies of pages showing:
the passport number,
date of issue and expiry,
the photo, name, date and place of birth,
pages showing any amendments in name, date of birth, expiration, etc.

You must hold a valid regular passport. Diplomatic, official, service or public affairs passports are not valid for immigration to Canada.

Proof of Admission (if applicable)
If the visa office you have specified for processing your application is not the visa office responsible for your country of nationality, provide proof that you have been lawfully admitted for a period of at least one year to a country for which the specified visa office is responsible.
Proof of lawful admission is in the form of a stamp in the passport or a status document issued at the Port of Entry or other place of admission. If an extension of the original status has been obtained, the evidence required would be a document or stamp issued by the ministry responsible for immigration matters, providing an extension up to one year or beyond.

Please note that the CPC-Mississauga is not a visa office.  Visa offices are outside of Canada.

Submit photocopies of:
• current or expired entry/exit stamps in your national passport, and
• current or expired status documents indicating the date you were admitted and the validity.




Proof of Relationship to Sponsor in Canada
Submit proof of relationship showing you are the parent or grandparent of your sponsor in Canada.  The document you submit must prove the relationship between the principal applicant and the sponsor.

You must provide the following documents:
Birth certificates;
Legal documents showing name or date of birth changes (if applicable);
National IDs, family/household registry/book (if applicable).




Identity and Civil Status Documents
You must provide the following documents for you and your current and/or former spouse/common-law partner:
Marriage certificate(s), final divorce or annulment certificate(s). If married more than once, include certificates from each marriage and divorce or annulment you, your spouse or common-law partner have had;
Death certificate for former spouse(s) or common-law partner(s) (if applicable);
Legal documents showing name or date of birth changes (if applicable);
National IDs, family/household registry/book (if applicable)
If you have a common-law partner, complete and include the Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union (IMM 5409 – original) and provide evidence that you have cohabitated with your partner for a period of at least 12 continuous months. Evidence may be, but not limited to, the following examples listing both your names:
Ø copies of joint bank account statements,
Ø copies of leases, utility bills etc.

Copies, unless otherwise stated



Proof of Dependent Children's Relationship to Principal Applicant
For all accompanying dependants submit proof of relationship to the principle applicant.

Children's birth certificates (which name their parents);
Family/ household Registry/Book (if applicable);
Adoption papers issued by recognized national authorities showing the legal, approved adoption of adopted dependent children;
Proof of full custody for children under the age of 18 and proof that the children may be removed from the jurisdiction of the court, where applicable;
If the other parent of your children is not accompanying you to Canada, you must submit a signed Statutory Declaration from Non-Accompanying Parent/Guardian for Minors Immigrating to Canada (IMM 5604 - original) for each child consenting to their travel to Canada along with a copy of the non-accompanying parent's photo ID showing their signature;
If the children will not accompany you to Canada, proof that you have fulfilled any obligation stated in custody agreements;
Proof of continuous full-time studies of all dependent children aged 22 or over, including:
complete school records/transcripts since attaining age 22;
letters from the schools indicating the number of hours of classes attended per day, and the number of days attended per week;
proof of full financial support by parents since reaching age 22.

Copies, unless
otherwise stated



Photo Requirements
Supply two (2) photos for each member of your family and yourself taken within six (6) months before application submission.

On the back of each photograph, write:
·          the name and date of birth of the person who appears in the photo; and
·          the date the photo was taken.

Follow the instructions provided in Appendix A: Photo Specifications found at" rel="nofollow - .




Mailing Your Application
Mail to the Case Processing Centre in Mississauga, Ontario:
• this document checklist,
• the letter that was sent with this document checklist;
• your complete application,
• supporting documents required in this checklist, and
• include 2 self-addressed mailing labels:
• one in English or French, and
• one in the official language of your country of residence.

CPC Mississauga
P.O. Box 6100, Station A
Mississauga, ON
L5A 4H4



Applied - June 9, 2011
CIC received - June 10, 2011
Acknowledgement letter - Jan 17, 2013
Online Status Changed to Received - Jan 20, 2013

Posted By: Corrie123
Date Posted: 10 Mar 2015 at 9:36pm
Thanks TEI. Appreciate for your posting.


Posted By: smartin
Date Posted: 14 Mar 2015 at 10:03am
Originally posted by Corrie123 Corrie123 wrote:


Another question: Does CIC routinely ask again for option C, notice of assessments etc. from year sponsor applied to Current year to check that sponsor is still meeting LICO?


They do it once with the additional documents request. Usually they don't ask for any LICO proof again unless your local visa office gets notified that your income has been changed.

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