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Temp Visa due to expire: Cross the border to stay?

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Topic: Temp Visa due to expire: Cross the border to stay?
Posted By: wkdfrog
Subject: Temp Visa due to expire: Cross the border to stay?
Date Posted: 03 Dec 2009 at 1:44pm



I am currently living and working in Canada under a temporary work permit and visa which is due to expire soon. I am in the process of applying for my Permanent Residency under the spouse sponsor scheme as my wife is Canadian.


I do not wish to exceed my permitted stay in Canada and jeopardize my chances of gaining the PR, but I would naturally like to stay in Canada with my wife, even if I cannot work until i receive my PR.


Therefore what appears to be the only solution is to head down to Niagara and cross into the USA and then immediately cross back into Canada and get a holiday visa (which I believe for a UK citizen like myself is 6 months). Has anyone gone through this process before and most importantly, WILL Canadian border control allow me back in to Canada this way?


To support my chances I can take with me the following documentation: Marriage certificate. Letter from CIC notifying us that my wife has passed the approval process to sponsor me.


I would explain to the officer at border control my situation and that my intention is to be a house husband until the PR arrives as we should get this during the course of the next 6 months (based on how long we have waited and the forecast processing times).

The alternative would be to fly to somewhere in the USA for a few days (i cannot afford the cost of the flights back to the UK this time of year) and then fly back and do the above - would that be any better?
Is there anyway of speaking to the CIC to get this answer - the autoamted response system was no help :(

Your speedy replies and advice will be much appreciated. Thank you

Posted By: job_seeker
Date Posted: 03 Dec 2009 at 4:13pm


You can apply to change your status from worker to visitor before the validity of your work permit expires. Send your application to CPC-V. You are on implied status until you hear from them. You can mention that you have a sponsorship in progress and attach copies of precisely the documents you were thinking of taking along with you when you go cross the border.

Posted By: mod
Date Posted: 08 Dec 2009 at 3:45am

Please wait for 8 months for visitors visa as Canadians are lazy

Posted By: Immigration Expert
Date Posted: 13 Dec 2009 at 10:42am
Hi there,
If you wish to make an inland PR application via Vegreville CPC, you can extend your work permit as well, subject to the validity period of your employer's job offer and other circumstances.  Please check your immigration and HRSDC papers again.  If not, you can extend your temporary stay in Canada as a visitor based on the ongoing inland immigration procedures for your PR status. In your case, you don't have to leave or re-enter Canada for the sole purpose of staying here legally! You may wish to call CIC at 1-888-242-2100 free of charge for more info. You can also visit CIC websites -  and - .
If you feel you need a professional advice please do not hesitate to contact me at mailto:[email protected] - [email protected]
Hope my info is helpful. Good luck!Smile 

Immigration Expert

Posts on this forum are provided for information purposes only and in no way are intended as legal or immigration advice.

Posted By: mod
Date Posted: 14 Dec 2009 at 5:35am
Immigration Expert
how you can help to get visit visa

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