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Canadian Businesses for Sale
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Canada admits business immigrants on a temporary basis under the temporary foreign worker program. Qualified applicants include successful business persons who qualify for work permits under investment immigration vehicles supported by applicable International Agreements or that would create or maintain significant economic benefits or opportunities for Canadian citizens or permanent residents. The issuance of a work permit on the basis of investment would depend on the nationality of the applicant and the nature and location of the business in Canada.

We frequently provide counsel to qualified applicants seeking temporary or permanent admission to Canada on the basis of investment immigration. Interested applicants may wish to contact us for further information regarding the availability of businesses for sale in Canada and/or the issuance of work permits under applicable programs.

Further information may be obtained by contacting Colin R. Singer, Attorney – info@immigration.ca

The following are current listings of businesses for sale, for which we have been mandated to assist:


Bar and Brasseries
Coffee Shop, 5 Days
Day Care
Distribution and Manufacturing
Dry Cleaner
Fast Food, 6-7 Days
Garage, Mechanic, Body shop
Gourmet Specialty Shops, Catering
Hotels, Motels, Auberges
Investement Property & Land
Machine Shop/Tool Room
New Opening and Leases
Restaurant 5 days
Restaurant, 7 Days
Restaurants in Shopping Center
Retail Non-Food Franchise
Retail Store
Service Business

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