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We often hear the adage that a picture conveys a thousand words. I have always enjoyed expressing myself through the written English language. Yet, as long as I can remember, I have also been very passionate about the artistic medium of photography.

Immigration law is in a constant state of change and it is frequently at the forefront of political and social debate here in Canada and for that matter, the world over. Being an effective immigration practitioner requires a thorough understanding of the ongoing issues as well as a creative approach to identifying and communicating solutions on behalf of a sophisticated clientele. So you could say it stands to reason that I became an immigration lawyer in Canada.

I have a compassionate approach to immigration policy, while understanding that many individuals can provide enormous benefit to this country with their varied skills. My ongoing objective is to try and reconcile the needs of individual immigrants with the opportunities that Canada can provide.

Over the past 21 years I have applied my creative skills on behalf of many thousands of people wishing to settle in Canada. In 1996, I became the very first immigration attorney to establish an internet web site in Canada, www.immigration.ca, the rarest of one-word domain names in the Canadian immigration industry. This site has since become the online authority in the field and is consistently rated the most popular non-government Canadian immigration web site by Google. In the employment field, I am a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) which provides me with ongoing interaction with human resource and personnel managers of Canada’s leading employers across the country.

Through my professional work and my world wide travels, the practice of Canadian immigration law provides me with an opportunity to continue harnessing my creative energies. The Canada immigration blog is an extension of my creative interests. It is intended to provide readers with my unique perspective on Canadian immigration policy and related developments.

And, I will also use this forum to share with readers my personal visual perspectives obtained through my travels abroad. My photographic work can be viewed at www.singerphotography.shutterfly.com.

Please feel free to share your personal thoughts with me. Colin R. Singer.


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